Each pair of the earrings you see below was handmade by me. Unless noted, each of these creations are one of a kind, not mass-produced, so you can wear your purchase with the confidence that it is truly unique. I use quality materials and craft with care to create pieces you will treasure for years.

I create as I’m inspired, so here you’ll find earrings in a variety of styles, colors, and prices. If a coordinating necklace is available, you’ll find a link to it in the description of the necklace. If the coordinating item has already sold, but the materials are still available, I will gladly design a similar item just for you . Do you see a style you love, but the colors aren’t right for you? Contact me about a custom order.

Evening In Paris
Deco Dazzle
Cat’s Eye
Violet Dreams
Violet Dreams
Abstract Ruby
Abstract Ruby
River's Edge
River’s Edge
Ruby Glimmer
Ruby Glimmer
Sea Stars
Sea Stars
Bronze Daze
Black Tie Squiggles
Cleo’s Fan
Cobalt Wave
Disco Dangles
Nouveau Charm
Paris, 1892
Sparkle Dance
Wild Flowers
Wreathed Pearl
Bronze Lazure
Passionate Purples
Pretty Peacock
Jumpin’ Black Flash
Licorice Drops
Plum Wiggles

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