A Quartet of Beauty

It’s finally winter where I live, which means cold and rain … lots of rain, I hope. Gloom needs brightening, don’t you think? Here are four of my latest necklaces to brighten any woman’s collection. For the first one, below, I got to pull out my bead boxes and design from around a focal bead, which I love to do, and it’s a stunner. I’ve made several bracelets with the “peyote with a twist” stitch, but this was the first time I tried a necklace pattern. I have to confess, that one, which I call Earth and Sky (second from left), took a lot longer to finish than I anticipated. By comparison, the next pattern was a breeze … so I made two of them in different “go with anything” colorways.

I invite you to browse my shop. I hope you find something to treat yourself with. Or maybe you’ll see something that would be a perfect holiday gift for someone else. Enjoy.

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Lover of words, drinker of wine, liar by necessity ... well, sort of. I write fiction. Author of The Brevity of Roses, An Illusion of Trust, High Tea & Flip-Flops, Love & Liability, Open & Honest (Sometimes), Building Love, The Silence in Noise, and Forever.

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