Pretty little Cheers

I don’t know about you, but for me it’s getting harder and harder to feel cheery in 2020. But the colors and shapes and finishes of beads always intrigue me, as do the myriad of patterns I’ve downloaded to teach myself. So here are four of the eight new bracelets I’ve made over the summer—I’m keeping the others for myself. 🙂 Obviously, I’ve been obsessed with bracelets for some time now, but next up will be some earrings and then necklaces. Go find out more about these bracelets.

Pandemic Pretties

As you may know, I’m also writer, but sometimes the words just won’t come (thank you, Covid 19). And when I’m not writing, I distract myself with my beads. Today’s photo highlights the result. I’m still fascinated with learning new bead weaving stitches, but my hundreds of gemstone and metal beads guilt me for neglecting them, so I’ll be returning to some stringing projects soon. 😊

For now, I’ve added four new earring designs: Licorice Drops, Pretty Peacock, Plum Wiggles, and Jumpin’ Black Flash. You can find them on the Earrings page.

I finished so many new bracelets they required adding a third page. The new ones are: Kaleidoscope, Cool Red, Peach Prosecco, Two Times Around, Midnight Flash, Blue Magic, Iridescence, Dark Waters, Copper Rose, and Tuxedo Shine. You can find them on Bracelets page 2 and Bracelets page 3.


I’m a huge bracelet lover, so I make a lot of them. And because I can’t keep them all for myself, I’m happy to share these with you.

Each of these creations is handcrafted by me. The strung bracelets are one of a kind, not mass produced, so you can wear your purchase with the confidence that it is truly unique. The woven bracelets are worked from patterns designed by others, so I may reuse these patterns in various color combinations. In all items, I use quality materials and craft with care to create pieces you will treasure for years.

Do you see a style you love, but the color or size isn’t right for you? Contact me about a custom order.

IMPORTANT: Please read how I measure bracelets to be sure the one you love will fit.

Gilded Lilacs

Wrap It Up

Ridges and Rounds

Bit of Drama

Copper Rose

Cool Red

Black Tile

Beau Bangles


Tuxedo Shine


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More December Baubles

Wow, two updates in one month! I’ve been taking a short break from writing, so I bought some new beads and just couldn’t wait to use some of them. So here you see three new pairs of earrings and one new bracelet.

From clockwise from top: Bronze Lazure earrings, Starlit Night earrings, Blue Moons bracelet, and Passionate Purple earrings.

Some sparkle; a little organic

It’s been a while since I added some new items to the site because I was busy writing another novel. But now I have a few new pretties for you.  You see above a new necklace, Mardi Gras; a new pair of earrings, Cherry Cola Cream; and two new bracelets, Radiant Sunset and Golden Raspberry. There’s time to receive items by Christmas, so I suggest you take some time to peruse all the beautiful things on this site.