A Quartet of Beauty

It’s finally winter where I live, which means cold and rain … lots of rain, I hope. Gloom needs brightening, don’t you think? Here are four of my latest necklaces to brighten any woman’s collection. For the first one, below, I got to pull out my bead boxes and design from around a focal bead, which I love to do, and it’s a stunner. I’ve made several bracelets with the “peyote with a twist” stitch, but this was the first time I tried a necklace pattern. I have to confess, that one, which I call Earth and Sky (second from left), took a lot longer to finish than I anticipated. By comparison, the next pattern was a breeze … so I made two of them in different “go with anything” colorways.

I invite you to browse my shop. I hope you find something to treat yourself with. Or maybe you’ll see something that would be a perfect holiday gift for someone else. Enjoy.

Some sparkle; a little organic

It’s been a while since I added some new items to the site because I was busy writing another novel. But now I have a few new pretties for you.  You see above a new necklace, Mardi Gras; a new pair of earrings, Cherry Cola Cream; and two new bracelets, Radiant Sunset and Golden Raspberry. There’s time to receive items by Christmas, so I suggest you take some time to peruse all the beautiful things on this site.

12 new items!

I’ve added some beautiful new items in all three categories. In EARRINGS, you’ll find an original design called Blue Ice, quite an eye-catching sparkler, plus several handwoven pairs in several styles. I’ve added one new item to NECKLACES, which I call Scarlet Wave … and you’ll see why. And I’ve added five new items to the BRACELETS page, two from an old pattern, two from a new pattern, and one original design.


Each of these necklaces was handcrafted by me and most are my original designs. These creations are one of a kind, not mass-produced, so you can wear your purchase with the confidence that it is truly unique. I use quality materials and craft with care to create pieces you will treasure for years.

You will find necklaces in a variety of styles, colors, and prices. If coordinating earrings are available, you will find a link to them in the description of the necklace.

Do you see a style you love, but the color or size isn’t right for you? Contact me about a custom order.

Frosty Morning

Earth and Sky


Dream In Blue and Amber
Dream In Blue and Amber


Mardi Gras

Water in the Desert

Falling Leaves

Ancient Honey

Orchid Tempest

Cobalt and Carnelian

Scarlet Wave


Turquoise Worlds

Stone Lilac


Tropical Storm

Just Peachy

Serpentine Brass

Isle of Capri


Coral Dancer

Blue China


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