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A Quartet of Beauty

It’s finally winter where I live, which means cold and rain … lots of rain, I hope. Gloom needs brightening, don’t you think? Here are four of my latest necklaces to brighten any woman’s collection. For the first one, below, I got to pull out my bead boxes and design from around a focal bead, which I love to do, and it’s a stunner. I’ve made several bracelets with the “peyote with a twist” stitch, but this was the first time I tried a necklace pattern. I have to confess, that one, which I call Earth and Sky (second from left), took a lot longer to finish than I anticipated. By comparison, the next pattern was a breeze … so I made two of them in different “go with anything” colorways.

I invite you to browse my shop. I hope you find something to treat yourself with. Or maybe you’ll see something that would be a perfect holiday gift for someone else. Enjoy.

Brighten the Dark Days

I live in California’s Central Valley where snow never reaches but we do have seasons. Here it’s finally fall and though our daytime temperatures haven’t been reflecting that, it’s getting very cool at night. So my designer mind splits: using bright colors to dispel cold and gloom and dark colors to enhance it. Some of that is reflected in the three new pairs of earrings I’ve just added to the store. I hope you enjoy them.

Don’t forget that holiday gift giving time is coming up soon. We usually have sold items packaged and out for first-class mail within 24 hours.

Beautiful Bargains

Here we are in the final quarter of the weirdest and hardest year I—and probably you—have ever lived. As I’m in the Covid-19 at-risk group, I’m still housebound, struggling to write romance and enjoying the beauty of beads. Today, I have earrings to share with you. With all the Zoom calls we’re doing, earrings are a nice way to look dressed up no matter what you’re wearing below the waist. And they won’t cost you much—beautiful bargains! Take a closer look.

New October earrings.

Pretty little Cheers

I don’t know about you, but for me it’s getting harder and harder to feel cheery in 2020. But the colors and shapes and finishes of beads always intrigue me, as do the myriad of patterns I’ve downloaded to teach myself. So here are four of the eight new bracelets I’ve made over the summer—I’m keeping the others for myself. 🙂 Obviously, I’ve been obsessed with bracelets for some time now, but next up will be some earrings and then necklaces. Go find out more about these bracelets.